José María Andrés Sierra

A great present in Christmas time. (My first tale in Engllish)

           Aprovechando que ha pasado la Navidad pongo a continuación un cuento que escribí como trabajo en la escuela Oficial de Idiomas la semana anterior a las vacaciones. No quiero ni podría ocultar que está corregido, únicamente, eso sí, en los aspectos gramatical y sintáctico, por mi profesor de inglés. 


It was Christmas time. It was very cold. In the morning, very early, a very young child left out an old house in a suburb and went to the town centre.

            The child lived with his grandmother in that old house because  his parents had died when he was some months old.

            Both his parents were very good persons but a terrible desease killed them.

            The grandmother of the child was very old and very poor: almost had nothing to eat and for that day the child wanted to buy some good food and a present to his grandmother, so he went to the town to beg.

            The child wore old clothes and broken shoes. He seated on a pedestrian street and put a little box in front of him.

            Some persons  gave him some money while the child was cold.

            He was happy because with that money he could buy food and a present, but sudenly a policemenand a policewomwn got close to him.

            -“Hey, boy. Give that money to us! Don´t you know that you can´ t beg in the street?”

            And the policeman took the box with the money.

            The child, frightened and frozen started crying.

            Near there there was a very tall Christmas tree and over the tree it was a shininig Christmas star.

            Suddenly fromthe Christmas star went out two luminous rays which hit on the head of the policeman and the policewoman.

            They were at first inmobile and very luminous, but suddenly their clothes turned into money that came in the child´s box, until all the people saw the man and the woman completely naked.

            When they saw themselves nude ashamed went away runing, while all the people roared with laugther and finally everybody was surprise as a very white and beautiful car arrived from the sky and startted near the child. A very pretty woman who had the same face as child´s mother  went aou of the car and invited to child to get into the car.

            When they both entried the car drove off into the distance between others cars.


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